Am Storage Tray

Am Storage Tray

Removable and usable

Designed to be removed and placed on the desktop, however quickly slid away when swaping between tasks

Modular sizing

Identical key dimensions allow the trays to be placed in different positions within the Am Work Desk

Oversize A3

The A3 tray is oversize with a front indentation to keep all your favourite staionary in place and organised

65% Post consumer waste

Manufactured from 65% recycled PET plastic and made locally


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Am Storage Tray

The Am Storage Tray is designed to keep you organised and your work space usable. By allowing a quick stow area for all your stationery, sketchbooks and other small necessities, you’re left with room to do what you do best.

With a modular design the trays come in two different sizes and lockup together in multiple different configurations, with the larger tray featuring a built in pen well. Both sizes can slip seamlessly between the 1350 and 770 desktop units to cater to your workflow.

Built from the ground up to integrate ethical and sustainable design the Am Storage Tray offers a beautiful solution to a modern day problem. Made from locally sourced and fabricated materials.

Built to order – 6 week lead time

Recycled PET Autex



A4: 395mm

A3+: 635mm


A4: 295mm

A3+: 395mm


A4: 38mm

A3+: 38mm

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